Herman A. Ambris, MD

Dr. Herman A. Ambris is a Board Certified Physiatrist who has extensive experience as a clinician and a teacher of Medicine. He is presently an attending Physiatrist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, a teaching Hospital and Level 1 Trauma Center in the South Bronx.

Dr. Ambris is a member of the faculty of New York Medical College, as Clinical Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He has served on the College faculty since his graduation from the highly respected teaching program in 1988.

His experience and expertise extends from newborns to the elderly. Clinical interventions as well as electrodiagnostic stills have secured for him the respect of his colleagues.

As a diplomat of the Board of Independent Medical Examiners, Dr. Ambris is certified to perform Independent Medical Examinations.

In addition to his training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr. Ambris has successfully completed three years of training in surgery, which included extended periods in intensive care and the emergency and operating rooms.

Dr. Ambris is comfortable and confident managing patients with trauma, soft tissue, bony, or nerve injury; muscular or skeletal problems associated with work; metabolic or skeletal problems associated with work; metabolic and systemic conditions including arthritis, diabetes and problems from birth.

Dr. Ambris is a competent physician with the experience and skills that patients enjoy.



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